Coachlines - June 2019

04.06.19 Hon Asst John Blauth

The Coachmakers and Imperial College

Arguably the most prestigious science university in Europe, (pace Cambridge) Imperial College has developed, and continues to develop, STEM facilities in White City to which the local community is welcome and with which it is encouraged to engage.

And local community means, in this case, a borough which has among the highest levels of child poverty and community deprivation in the UK despite sharing a ‘border’ with one of London’s richest councils. For a sense of perspective, you can see the stark and shrouded skeleton of Grenfell from Imperial’s premises.

Imperial College has developed exceptional STEM facilities

Imperial College has developed exceptional STEM facilities

For a swift introduction to the project, known as the Invention Rooms, which we support and with which we maintain an ongoing and positive relationship, please take three minutes to look at this video

Our company is listed on the donor board at the ICL Invention Rooms as you can see on the accompanying image above.