We raise and distribute charitable funds for causes connected to our industries, certain institutions within the City of London, STEM education and, where we are able to help, disadvantaged people.

Our charitable donations are primarily focused on young people and their education and training in STEM. We hope to inspire them to careers in the aerospace and automotive sectors, and in the craft of coach and coach harness making. We are blind to all apparent differences. Our support is for all students, able and disabled, from all backgrounds and cultures who have the hunger and drive to succeed.

The donations we make are as substantial as possible. Our bursaries are allocated on an annual basis and, because funds cannot always be guaranteed, the Livery cannot accept commitments to individuals for long-term educational courses.

The Company provides its education scholarships and bursaries to support young people and their training at various levels in the automotive, aerospace and coach making sectors.

We support young people pursuing careers in automotive and aerospace at the Royal College of Art, Coventry University and Bicester Heritage, among others.

The Company provides its education scholarships and bursaries to support young people and their training at various levels in the automotive, aerospace and coach making sectors. Read all about these and apply for them behind the button below.

Awards and Bursaries

We provide support to schools and students through the Livery Schools Link, the Saturday Engineering Club and Imperial College Makerspace Programme and also through the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is so severe that the Coachmakers felt strongly that it was appropriate to put together a package of special support to address this hardship over and above our normal level of giving.

Our Livery has stepped up to the plate in these difficult times and has distributed five times what we normally aim to distribute in a year.

The adversity package we have put together in 2021 is focused on young people and support in London. Specifically, it covers student hardship for STEM students at the five London universities with which we are now connected (Brunel, City, Imperial, Kingston and Queen Mary), youth mental health through Young Minds and Step Ahead, youth homelessness in London through Centrepoint, hospitality in London with Hospitality Action, and two of the community-based projects which the Court supported last year in our name, Cavell Nurses and Trussell Trust London Foodbank.

As the NHS remains under more pressure than it was last spring, and stress levels and distress among healthcare professionals is at an all-time high, it is even more important and worthwhile to support health professionals. This is why we have donated to Cavell Nurses, a charity which helps UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants affected by COVID.

While Trussell Trust London Foodbank is beyond our usual focus, the Court agreed to support it because it provides emergency food and help to people locked in poverty in and around the City. Trussell helps people resolve the crises they face, and it is worth noting that in the UK more than 14 million people are living in poverty, including 4.5 million children.

The donated funds to the universities are for student hardship needs which, as we are all aware, are horrendous at this time. The normal routes for students to earn money in and out of term is mostly via the catering trade, all of which has been closed effectively since March 2020.

After due consideration, we are donating to Young Minds, a mental health charity focusing, as its name suggests, on young people, and the Steps Ahead Programme, a mental health charity which runs an employment, education and training programme aimed at young people in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

As we all know, the hospitality sector has been very badly hit by lockdown regulations and while hospitality is outside our usual areas of support, the view is that there is a moral responsibility to support this sector in London in its hour of need, as we will be relying on them to be there for us when restrictions are lifted. While bigger and more established businesses will benefit from the furlough scheme, there are agency and self-employed people (many students from ‘our’ universities) in this sector who will not.

Where we donate funds
Bicester Heritage
Brunel University
Cavell Nurses Trust
Centrepoint London
City University
Coventry University
Hospitality Action
Imperial College
Imperial College Maker Challenge
Livery Schools Link
Lord Mayor’s appeal
Queen Mary University London
Royal College of Art
Saturday Engineering Club
Trussell Trust
Young Minds & Steps Ahead

To help us support these worthy causes, you can make a donation to our Charitable Trust here.