All Committee Chairmen are appointed by the Court. It is the responsibility of the Chairman to conduct business of the Committee in accordance with the appropriate constitution.

The Court

The Court

September 2021–September 2022

The Master

Sarah Sillars OBE

Senior Warden

Julian Leach

Renter Warden

Bettine Evans

Junior Warden

Stephen Fitz-Gerald

Court of Assistants and Voting Members

Past Master Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence KCVO CB ADC – Father of the Livery

Past Master Group Captain Gerry Bunn CBE

Past Master The Hon. Michael Callaghan

Past Master Ian Smith

Past Master Michael G Kimber

Past Master Martin Payne

Past Master Lionel Anthony Edwards

Past Master Graham Cole CBE

Past Master Richard Charlesworth MVO (to return as SW in 2024 and Master in 2025)

Immediate Past Master Sarah Jane Adams-Diffey

Honorary Assistant David Barrett (to be JW in 2022 and RW in 2023)

Assistant Mark Broadbent (to be the Master in the 350th Anniversary Year 2026/27)

Assistant Richard J Haycocks

Assistant William Dastur

Assistant Giles Taylor

Assistant Graeme B Hunt

Assistant Mark R T Garnier MP

Assistant Alderman Alastair King

Assistant Eric Wallbank

Assistant John Ponsonby OBE


Honorary Assistant The Venerable Ray Pentland CB (non-voting)

Honorary Assistant Lesley Upham (with voting rights)

Honorary Assistant Richard Robinson (with voting rights)

Steward Robert J Wilson (non-voting)

Steward Neil Sheath (non-voting)

Steward David Manchester (non-voting)

Non-Voting Past Masters

Past Master Timothy Connolly OBE

Past Master Richard D C Dallimore

Past Master David M Shalit MBE

Past Master Andrew J D Ferguson

Past Master Peter G Sparks

Past Master James Smillie

Past Master Robert G Croall

Past Master Admiral Sir Derek Reffell KCB

Past Master The Hon. Roy Constantine

Past Master Group Captain Marcus Wills CVO OBE

Past Master Roger J Smith

Past Master Jeffrey D Rose CBE

Past Master Andrew M Love

Past Master Michael D Davis

Past Master Dr Stephen Hammerton

Past Master Emeritus

Past Master the Rev Patrick C K O’Ferrall OBE


A quorum of the Court shall comprise three members of the voting membership of which one must be the Master or a Warden (The Charter). The Court shall comprise a Master, three Wardens and 23 Assistants (The Charter).

To maintain the Court voting strength in accordance with the Charter Past Masters shall serve as a voting Court Assistant for a maximum of 15 years from the date of their becoming Immediate Past Master. Thereafter they will become Honorary (non-voting) Assistants (Court Meeting 5th July 1999). An Assistant may defer progression to Junior Warden by a maximum of two years subject to the approval of the Court. (Court Meeting 24th November 2005).

The status of Past Master Emeritus enables Past Masters on request to withdraw from Livery membership but retain a record of their position and status in the Company without incurring a membership cost. All the benefits of membership are relinquished but the individual remains on the annual Coachmaker Directory distribution list. (Court Meeting 22nd March 2017).

To ensure a coherent progression to the Chair, the Master of the year will periodically review the progress of Assistants such that with seven years to run before election to Master each Assistant will formally have had the opportunity to discuss their progress with the Master of that year; this should be considered as a confidence check for both parties. (Court Meeting 7th March 2017).

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee advises the Court on all matters pertaining to the operational, administrative and financial business of the Livery.

The Master – Chairman

Senior Warden

Renter Warden

Junior Warden

Past Master Ian Smith – Trustee, Chairman of the Trustee & Investment Committee

Past Master Michael Kimber – Trustee

Past Master Martin Payne – Trustee

Immediate Past Master – Sarah J Adams-Diffey

Assistant Eric Wallbank – Chairman, Charity Committee

Hon. Assistant Richard Robinson – Chairman, Livery Committee

Assistant John Ponsonby OBE – Chairman, Membership Committee

Assistant Lesley Upham – Chairman, Communications Committee

Steward Robert J Wilson FCA – Accountant

The Clerk (ex officio)

Three to be a quorum, one of which must be The Master or a Warden – The Charter.

Progression Committee

Progression Committee

The Progression Committee makes recommendations to the Court on the selection of Liverymen for appointment as Assistants or Stewards to the Court and on their progression through membership and chairmanship of committees to Junior Warden and The Master.

The Master – Chairman

Immediate Past Master

Senior Warden

Renter Warden

Junior Warden

Chairman of the Livery Committee

Chairman of the Membership Committee

The Clerk (ex officio)

Members serve for the duration of their appointment

Trustee & Investment Committee

Trustee & Investment Committee

The Investment Committee manages the investment of the Coachmakers’ charitable funds to achieve maximum long term growth commensurate with meeting annual income objectives. It also advises the Court in respect of the invested Livery reserves.

Senior Trustee – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

The two other Trustees

Renter Warden

The Clerk – Secretary

There shall be a Chairman, three trustees and the ex officio membership of the Master, Renter Warden and Clerk. Non ex officio members shall serve for three years with the possibility of an extension to six years. Four full members shall be a quorum.

Livery Committee

Livery Committee

The Livery Committee is responsible for planning and implementing, with the Senior Warden, an annual, informal social programme and for making proposals to the Finance and General Purposes Committee on those companies it considers deserving of consideration for the Livery’s annual ‘Award to Industry’.

Honorary Assistant Richard Robinson – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

The Senior Warden

Assistant Richard Haycocks

Liveryman Shawn D Manning

Liveryman John Knightley

Liveryman Martin Derrick

Liveryman Christopher Tate

Liveryman Christopher Broadbent

Liveryman Richard Pugh

Liveryman Roger Woodbridge

Liveryman David Connor

Steward David Manchester – Secretary

The Clerk (ex officio)

The Committee comprises a Chairman, a Secretary and up to 15 Liverymen who each serve for a three-year period with an opportunity to extend for a further three years by mutual agreement. The Chairman of the Committee, who is a Court Member, is appointed by the Court on the recommendation of the Master. The appointment involves ex officio membership of the Finance & General Purposes Committee. The Secretary of the Committee is appointed by the Chairman for an indefinite period. Other permanent members include the Company Archivist and the Editor of ‘The Coachmaker’ annual directory and ‘Coachlines’.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee proposes for the Court’s approval, candidates who, meeting the Company’s membership criteria, have expressed an interest in becoming a Liveryman.

Assistant John Ponsonby OBE – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Assistant Mark Broadbent

Assistant Mark Garnier MP

Liveryman Christopher Tate

Liveryman Frank Carter

Liveryman Rakesh Sharma

Liveryman Sir Kevin Leeson KCB CBE

Liveryman Sharon Pink

Freeman Mark Gleeson

Young Coachmaker Philippa Green

Liveryman Debbie Robinson (Secretary)

The Clerk (ex officio)

The Committee comprises a Chairman and Deputy Chairman who will be members of the Court plus up to 10 Livery members and a Secretary. The Master will be an ex officio member and will appoint with the Court’s approval the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

Communications Committee

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees all aspects of Livery communications to promote the fellowship of the Livery and to widely share its many achievements.

Honorary Assistant Lesley Upham – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Editor of The Coachmaker and Coachlines – Honorary Assistant Lesley Upham

Website Editor – Liveryman John Kendall – Secretary (and Website Editor)

Technical Advisor – vacant

Liveryman Lyn Litchfield

Liveryman Mike Goggin

Freeman Rory Kidger

The Clerk (ex officio)

The Committee comprises a Chairman, a Secretary, an Editor of Livery publications and three further Liverymen who each serve for a three year period with an opportunity to extend for a further three years by mutual agreement. The Secretary and Editor are appointed by the Chairman for an indefinite period.

Charity Committee

Charity Committee

The Charity Committee determines how charitable funds are raised and spent.

Assistant Eric Wallbank– Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Senior Warden (ex officio)

Past Master Marcus Wills

Assistant Giles Taylor

Assistant Mark Broadbent

Steward Neil Sheath

Liveryman John Blauth

Liveryman John Pearl (100 Club co-ordinator)

Liveryman Andrew Blatherwick

Freeman Ellie Bacon

Liveryman David Cole – Secretary

The Clerk (ex officio)

350 Committee

350 Committee


RW Bettine Evans – Chairman

Past Master Graham Cole

Past Master Ian Smith

Assistant Mark Broadbent

Assistant Eric Wallbank

Hon. Assistant Lesley Upham

The Clerk (ex officio)

The primary purposes of the 350 Committee is to make plans for the Sesquarcentennial celebrations of the Coachmakers’ Company in 2026/2027 and to raise sufficient funds for the above through events and other activities leading up to 2026/2027. Committee members shall be appointed by the Court but the Committee shall also have the power to appoint assistants from the Livery as required.


Carriage Driving Awards Sub-Committee

Carriage Driving Awards Sub-Committee

Assistant Mark F P Broadbent – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Past Master David Shalit MBE

Past Master Michael G Kimber

Liveryman Colonel Toby Browne CVO

Liveryman Richard C James

Hon Freeman Lady Cobham

Liveryman Andrew Reid

Liveryman Jimmy Jeffery

The Clerk (ex officio)

Motor Car Centenary Bursary Award Sub-Committee

Motor Car Centenary Bursary Award Sub-Committee

Assistant Giles Taylor – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Past Master Richard D C Dallimore – Deputy Chairman

Liveryman Jonathan Connolly

Liveryman Ian Callum

Liveryman Michael Quinn

Responsible for Historic Restoration Apprenticeships:

Liveryman John Boyes

Liveryman Geoff Lancaster

The Committee shall have a Chairman and Deputy Chairman and at least two other Liverymen members at the discretion of the Chairman. They will serve for three years which may be extended to six years. The Master will appoint the Chairman with the agreement of the Court.

Aerospace Awards Sub-Committee

Aerospace Awards Sub-Committee

Steward Neil Sheath – Chairman

The Master (ex officio)

Liveryman Air Commodore Stuart Burdess

Liveryman David Kynaston OBE

The Committee shall have a Chairman and Deputy Chairman and at least two other Liverymen members at the discretion of the Chairman. They will serve for three years which may be extended to six years. The Master will appoint the Chairman with the agreement of the Court.

Livery Golf Committee

Livery Golf Committee

Assistant Graeme Hunt – Chairman

Liveryman Alexander Wrighton – Secretary

Membership of Prince Arthur Cup Inter Livery Golf Society

Membership of Prince Arthur Cup Inter Livery Golf Society

Position vacant – Chairman

Liveryman Richard Wormell – Secretary

Captain of Clay Pigeon Shooting

Captain of Clay Pigeon Shooting

Liveryman Alastair Boyes

External Liason

External Liason

City University London        Liveryman John Blauth

Imperial College London     Past Master Group Captain Marcus Wills CVO OBE/Liveryman John Blauth

Kingston University              Past Master Group Captain Marcus Wills CVO OBE/Liveryman John Blauth

Brunel University                   Liveryman John Blauth

Queen Mary University      Liveryman John Blauth

Livery Schools Link                Liveryman John Blauth

City & Guilds                         Liveryman John Blauth

Automotive Bursary            Assistant Giles Taylor

Brooklands                            Liveryman David G Burgess-Wise

Royal College of Art           Assistant Giles Taylor/Liveryman Dale Harrow

Affiliated military units       The Clerk

Royal, Honorary, Honoris Causa & Other Memberships

Royal, Honorary, Honoris Causa & Other Memberships

Royal Liverymen

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent
His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent

Honorary Coachmakers

Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, Chairman and Chief Executive, Finmeccanica
Giuseppe Orsi, Chief Executive AgustaWestland
Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar Cars
Wing Commander Andrew Green OBE BA RAF

Alderman Dr Sir Andrew Parley

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa DBE

Alderman Alastair King

Honoris Causa Liverymen of H M Armed Forces

Captain of HMS Hermes

Admiral Sir Derek Reffell KCB

Captains of HMS Boxer

Captain Michael Mansergh, RN
Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, KCVO CB ADC

Captain of HMS Bulwark

Commodore Jerry Stanford BA
Rear Admiral Andrew Burns OBE

Rear Admiral James Parkin


Commanding Officers – No. 10 Squadron

Air Vice Marshal Robert Geoffrey Peters CB
Group Captain Peter Charles Bingham
Group Captain Alan Marcus Wills CVO OBE
Group Captain Gerry Bunn CBE
Wing Commander Leonard James Marshall MBE
Group Captain David Brian Symes FRAeS
Wing Commander Angus Deas RAF MA BSc
Wing Commander Mike Smart MA MCGI

Commanding Officers of Royal Air Force Brize Norton

Air Commodore Malcolm Brecht CBE
Air Commodore Jonathan Ager MA RAF

Group Captain Simon Edwards MA RAF

Commanding Officers of Royal Dragoon Guards

Brigadier Robert John Baddeley
Brigadier Charles Thomas Johnstone Wright
Brigadier Ian Talbot
Brigadier Richard Cary

Brigadier Johnny Torrens-Spence CBE LM

Crown Equerry

Colonel Toby Browne CVO

Honorary Freeman

All partners of Past Masters of the Livery are invited to join the Livery as Honorary Freemen. The following have accepted:
2003 Mrs Jean Gauntlett
2006 Lady Cobham

Companions of the Livery

So that spouses of deceased Liverymen may retain their links with Livery friends, in July 2005 the Court agreed that an individual whose spouse was a full Livery member on their death would be entitled to become a Companion of the Livery. On approval by the Court, the Companion would receive all Livery correspondence and be eligible to attend dinners and functions. A direct debit annual levy will be made to the Company’s Charitable Trust.

Masters of the Company

Masters of the Company

1677 William Bussey
1678 James Masters
1679 James Page
1680 Stephen Phillips
1681 Charles Neville
1682 Edward Hooper
1683 John Davies
1684 John Parsons
1685 Robert Johnson
1686 William Fowler
1687 Benjamin Thody
1688 John Bradford/William Fowler
1689 William Perrott
1690 John Hunt
1691 Jacob Smith
1692 Richard Taylor
1693 William Rose
1694 John Darker, Jr
1695 Nicholas Spalden
1696 Richard Atkinson/Benjamin Thody
1697 William Dancer
1698 Thomas Kirkham
1699 James Trumble
1700 Isaac Territt
1701 Jonathan Bentley
1702 Jonathan Bentley
1703 Edward Salisbury
1704 Norwich Salisbury
1705 Thomas Walker
1706 Josiah Linnet/Jonathan Bentley
1707 Samuel Browne
1708 John Parsons
1709 John Parsons
1710 Richard Cheshire
1711 Joseph Parsons
1712 Joseph Shefford
1713 Isaac Territt
1714 William King
1715 John Edmonds
1716 Joseph Bernard
1717 Joseph Jacob
1718 William Beaumont
1719 Francis Markull
1720 John King
1721 Richard Hipwell
1722 Henry Glover
1723 Thomas Burgiss
1724 James Price
1725 Charles Haman
1726 Joseph Bernard/Thomas Burgiss
1727 Robert Grimes
1728 Thomas Smithsend
1729 John Jatt
1730 Richard White
1731 William Neaton
1732 Benjamin Nolton
1733 Thomas Sells
1734 William Thorp
1735 Edward Salisbury
1736 Thomas Chitter
1737 Joseph Barnard
1738 John Howard
1739 John Coleman
1740 Charles Fairchild
1741 Simon Parsons/David Lewis
1742 John Leech
1743 John Bentley
1744 George Walker
1745 Robert Miles
1746 John Halls
1747 John Cross
1748 Edward Harlee
1749 Joseph Berry
1750 William Trigg
1751 Daniel Cogdell
1752 William Chapman/John Leech
1753 William Robins
1754 Edward Story
1755 Stephen Hunt
1756 Richard Hodges
1757 John Rawlins
1758 John Stanley
1759 Benjamin Lancaster
1760 John Virgoe
1761 William Goodenough
1762 Richard Payne
1763 George Austin
1764 William Piddington
1765 Shadrach Venden
1766 John Westley
1767 John Wright
1768 Samuel Butler
1769 John Orme
1770 Richard Spencer
1771 James Cope
1772 Justus Olney
1773 Henry Sturdy
1774 Thomas Maidman
1775 Richard Whiteshead
1776 Thomas Parkinson
1777 John Smith
1778 John Wellings
1779 Joseph Garth
1780 William Reeves
1781 John Foster
1782 Thomas Nevett
1783 John Barnard
1784 Henry Nash
1785 John Hatchett
1786 Thomas Collingridge
1787 John Holyoak
1788 William Leader
1789 James Marriott
1790 Joseph Bradshaw
1791 John Foster
1792 William Tesse Campbell
1793 Lionel Lukin
1794 Arthur Windus
1795 Edward Berry
1796 George Myers
1797 George Wilson
1798 David Stoddart/Thomas Collingridge
1799 George Wellings
1800 John Lycet
1801 William Burch
1802 William Burch
1803 George Eades
1804 Murdoch Mackenzie
1805 John Sargeaunt
1806 John Randall
1807 Osborn Erswell
1808 Samuel May
1809 Edward Houlditch
1810 Edward William Windus
1811 Samuel Jemmett
1812 Thomas Bromfield
1813 Anthony Harvey
1814 William Exall
1815 John Thomas Rigge
1816 Charles Bonner/Thomas Titterton
1817 Thomas Titterton
1818 Osborn Erswell, Jnr.
1819 Charles Baxter
1820 Booth Hancock
1821 Samuel Sproston
1822 Luke Hopkinson
1823 Thomas Windus
1824 Edward William Austin
1825 James Scoles
1826 Benjamin Godfrey Windus
1827 Charles Lucas Birch
1828 John Winfield
1829 Thomas Glover
1830 James Bennett
1831 Francis Lamb
1832 John Strickland Rigge
1833 Benjamin Waller (Elder)
1834 Lewis Leslie
1835 Allen Blizzard
1836 Richard Turrill
1837 Henry Powell
1838 Joseph John Scoles
1839 John Chancellor
1840 Thomas Chancellor
1841 Benjamin Waller, Jnr.
1842 James Scoles
1843 James Bennet, Jnr.
1844 George Chancellor
1845 Solomon Willoughby
1846 Thomas Peters
1847 John Cook
1848 George Crockford
1849 Henry Black
1850 Lewis James Leslie
1851 William Allen Lee
1852 Thomas Nicholls White
1853 Thomas Rowly
1854 Thomas Pearce
1855 Thomas Mason
1856 Jehoshophat York
1857 Joseph Glover
1858 John Winpenny Peters
1859 Frederick William Messer
1860 William Winpenny Peters
1861 Thomas William Callow
1862 Joseph Peters
1863 Col. James Peters
1864 Thomas How
1865 William Thomas Thorn
1866 James Heslop Powell
1867 James Joseph Blake
1868 Charles James Bennett
1869 Samuel Glover
1870 James Robinson
1871 John Francis Woodall
1872 Herbert Mountford Holmes
1873 John Holland
1874 George Norgate Hooper
1875 William Hooper
1876 Charles Greenwood
1877 Charles Saunderson
1878 Frederic Chancellor
1879 Charles Dyer Field
1880 Frederick James Blake
1881 Frederick Thorn
1882 William Coham Turner
1883 George Athelstane Thrupp
1884 Charles Harris Woodall
1885 Henry Rogers
1886 Robert Alford
1887 Thomas Packwood Alder
1888 Charles Thos. Bartlett
1889 Col William Bristow
1890 Alfred Aurelius Clark
1891 Edmund Boulnois, MP
1892 Sir John Braddick Monckton
1893 Sir John Braddick Monckton
1894 William Beriah
1895 Sir Walter Wilkin (Lord Mayor)
1896 Col.John William Lee
1897 The Hon. Mr Justice Gainsford Bruce
1898 George Edwards
1899 Robert Downs
1900 Francis Joseph Stowe
1901 Albert Chancellor JP
1902 Arthur William Elam
1903 Charles Holmes
1904 Sir Alfred Seal Haslam MP
1905 Charles Mallord/William Turner
1906 Frederic Wykeham Chancellor, MA, FRIBA
1907 Robert Greenwood Alford
1908 Prof Ernest William White, CBE MB, MRCP
1909 Lt Col Arthur Felton Mulliner, VD, TD, JP
1910 Arthur Strachan Winterbotham
1911 Frank Lindsay Sutton
1912 William Palmer Wilton MC TD
1913 Sir Joseph Lawrence BT
1914 Charles James Bennett
1915 Thomas Henry Gardiner
1916 John Philipson
1917 The Rev. Honyel Gough Rosedale DD
1918 Spencer Bernard Kendall
1919 James Fuller Eberle, OBE
1920 Charles Roland Field
1921 Henry Percival Monckton
1922 James Leslie Grove Powell
1923 Francis Temple Stowe
1924 Francis Danford Thomas
1925 Clifford Blackburn Edgar
1926 Arthur Hungerford Pollen
1927 Sir Walter, Schröder KBE
1928 William James McCormack
1929 Sir Edward Manville
1930 William Lawton-Goodman
1931 Sydney Norris
1932 HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught KG
1933 Sir John Davenport Siddeley CBE (Baron Kenilworth 1937)
1934 Sir Herbert Austin, KBE (made Baron Austin 1936)
1935 John Christoper Mitchell JP
1936 The Rt Hon Lord Iliffe GBE
1937 Augustus Edward Hughes, JP, FRIBA
1938 Peter Croall JP
1939 Algernon Lionel Collins
1940 Vincent Alford, MA
1941 Capt Douglas Harris
1942 Charles Gordon Dickson Sheriff and Deputy
1943 Sir Frederick Handley Page CBE
1944 Sir William Maulsbrey Letts KBE
1945 James Donald Field MA LL.B (Cantab)
1946 Charles Wilfrid Mallord Turner
1947 Archibald Hair
1948 Arthur Conway Edgar MC MA
1949 William Macdonald Park
1950 Frederic Stanley Bennett
1951 Major Richard Melsome Woolley CBE
1952 Edward Philip Connolly
1953 Roland Edmund Dangerfield
1954 Wilfrid John Connolly
1955 Gp Capt Frederick Charles| Victor Laws CB CBE
1956 Col The Rt Hon Lord Kenilworth CBE, TD, DL
1957 Ralph James Dalziel Smith
1958 Ralph James Dalziel Smith
1959 The Hon. Denis (Gomer) Berry, TD
1960 Sir (William) Reginald Verdon Smith
1961 Col Graham Alexander Norris, OBE, DL
1962 Peter Shaw Croall
1963 Lt Col Richard Travis Harris
1964 Alderman Sir James Miller, GBE DL LLD (Lord Mayor)
1965 Patrick Norman Dickson
1966 Hubert Granville Starley, CBE
1967 Henry John Robert Stent
1967 Col George Douglas Travis Harris, OBE
1969 The Rt Hon Lord Kenilworth
1970 Sir George Dowty DL DSc (Hon)
1971 George McGregor-Craig
1972 Cmdr Kenneth Anderson Sellar, DSO, DSC
1973 Paul Kerr Jennens
1974 Sir Theo Constantine, CBE, DL (made Baron Constantine of Stanmore in 1981)
1975 Charles W. Ward
1976 Maurice Armstrong Smith, DFC
1977 Bernard Boxall, CBE, BSc
1978 Eric Latham Beverley, CBE
1979 Peter Michael Hall James
1980 John Alan Williams, TD
1981 John Stirling Freeland Hogg
1982 Major William Hallam Wharfe, RM
1983 Lindsay Clive Hunting
1984 Timothy John Connolly OBE
1985 Richard Dennis Casserley Dallimore
1986 David Joseph Connolly
1987 David Manuel Shalit
1988 Brian Leslie Maddock Brew, TD
1989 George Anthony Hepworth
1990 Gerald Boxall, CBE
1991 Denis James Burrell, CBE
1992 Andrew John Duncan Ferguson
1993 Patrick O’Ferrall, OBE, CC
1994 Alan Roy Maidens
1995 Peter Greville Sparks
1996 James Smillie
1997 Robert Croall
1998 Admiral Sir Derek Reffell, KCB
1999 Philip John Christopher Ashfield
2000 The Hon. Roy Constantine
2001 David William Almond
2002 Hon Air Commodore Malcolm Victor Gauntlett
2003 Gp Capt Alan Marcus Wills, CVO, OBE
2004 Michael James Limb OBE
2005 Roger John Smith
2006 Jeffrey D Rose, CBE
2007 Andrew Love
2008 Michael D Davis
2009 Dr Stephen K Hammerton
2010 Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence KCVO CB ADC
2011 Sue Brownson OBE
2012 Gp Captain Gerry Bunn CBE
2013 The Hon Michael Callaghan
2014 Ian Smith
2015 Michael Kimber
2016 Martin Payne
2017 Tony Edwards
Clerks of the Company

Clerks of the Company

1677 George Daggett
1685 Richard Cheslyn, Jnr
1690 Brian Courthope
1693 John Jacob
1718 John Tovey
1760 Robert Chitter
1787 Samuel Collingridge
1827 George William Killett Potter (Secondary)
1871 George Hillyer
1871 Jabez Tepper
1872 Henry Nicholson
1887 Peter de Lande Long
1904 Thomas Henry Gardiner
1915 Henry Smith
1916 Thomas Henry Gardiner
1924 Henry Smith
1934 Benjamin Rhodes Armitage, MA
1942 Ralph James Dalziel Smith
1942 Frederick Milward Marston (Acting Clerk)
1946 Ralph James Dalziel Smith
1957 Ralph Bonnett (Acting Clerk)
1959 Ralph James Dalziel Smith
1972 Antony Turnbull Langdon-Down
1978 John Alasdair Nicholson
1984 Major William Hallam Wharfe RM
1997 Group Captain Gerry Bunn, CBE
​2009 Lt Col Peter Henderson, OBE
2012 Cmdr Mark Leaning RN