What is the Coachmakers Livery Company?

Coach & Coach harness making + Automotive engineering + Aerospace engineering

The Coachmakers is a City of London Livery Company, founded by Royal Charter in 1677 by King Charles II.

In addition to being active in the lively and ongoing craft of coach & coach harness making, we are closely involved with our modern-day industrial sectors: automotive and aerospace engineering. Both of these evolved from our traditional craft of coachmaking. We have strong links with various universities and educational organisations (see Charity page for details) plus the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the Cadet movement. We also support other charities focussed on young people seeking to inspire and encourage them to careers in our sectors.

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How does the Coachmakers help?

We support young people and help them to build tomorrow

The Coachmakers’ charitable activities centre mainly on actively helping young people towards careers in automotive and aerospace engineering, including design and STEM based support roles.

We support school and university students by means of awards, scholarships, bursaries and donations to hardship funds. Our aim is to help young people and students to achieve their training and career goals. We are blind to all apparent differences.

Additionally, we support apprentices and philanthropic institutions associated with the City of London. The Company raises its own funds to support all of our activities.

Our support is for all students, able and disabled, from all backgrounds and cultures who have the hunger and drive to succeed.

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Young engineers, teachers and parents

Engineering Career Guide

Our digital Engineering Career Guide is aimed at school and university students, all young engineers, teachers and parents.

The guide covers everything from how to pursue a career in engineering, to choices at GCSE, A-level, university and postgraduate level, bursaries and awards, through to graduate and apprentice schemes, careers advice and more.

Please click here and feel free to share with your friends, family and educators.

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