Coachlines - November 2021

23.11.21 Imperial College & Assistant Eric Wallbank

Our support for engineering students – a thank you from Imperial College

Our donations to student hardship funds continue to reap rewards, reports Imperial College London, writes Assistant Eric Wallbank.

Following last month’s report on our support to QMUL’s hardship fund, as part of our emergency COVID-19 support package earlier this year, we have heard from Imperial College on the postive impact we have had on its students through our donations.
It reports as follows:

We would like to offer our sincere appreciation to you for supporting the hardship awards made to the Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Fund. Under normal circumstances, about 70% of this fund goes to support our students in financial hardship. But during COVID-19, we saw these hardship requests jump up by nearly 20%. As an exceptionally bright student from a disadvantaged background, attending university in London is challenging – but the pandemic only exacerbated this. The country’s lockdowns removed so many opportunities for summer jobs and impacted families’ incomes, and our Dean’s Fund was life-changing for so many. Your generosity ensured that those who fell into hardship and needed financial assistance the most were supported to continue their studies at the College. On behalf of all the students, whose academic experience has been greatly enhanced thanks to your support, please allow us to express our sincere gratitude.

Below are some messages of thanks from a selection of hardship award recipients:

Fourth year postgraduate student

“I am really enjoying my time at Imperial and have gained so much from the academic experience, such as the lectures and my own research. The impact of the pandemic has been particularly challenging, with studying at home and lectures being delivered online.

“This grant has been essential in enabling me to continue my studies; without it I may have had to drop out. I had a car accident in February 2019, and after I was discharged from hospital, I had an 18-month recovery procedure. Your grant helped me so much with the associated costs and enabled my full recovery and continuation of studies.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for providing me with this hardship funding. Thank you so much again for helping students like me. I hope that in the future I will be able to follow in your footsteps and give back to others in similar positions.”

Fourth year postgraduate student

“As a final year PhD student at Imperial, I have really enjoyed the time I spent with my supervisor and colleagues even though there were also many challenging moments. I am grateful to have received so much support during the pandemic in different ways from Imperial. Additionally, the academic experience here has been amazing, especially the unforgettable discussions with people from such diverse backgrounds. My future plan is to become a postdoctoral student at a renowned university, perhaps at Imperial College London.

“I was delighted to receive your generous funding during a difficult period of my PhD. I am so grateful as it provided the necessary financial support for my living expenses in London to buy essentials. Thank you for your kind and selfless support to me and all the other students, we really appreciate all you have done for us.”

Third year postgraduate student

“I have had such an incredible experience at Imperial so far and found the people here really supportive, helpful and interesting. The research itself has been challenging as it is different to what I have experienced in the past. However, I have very much enjoyed this new challenge as it has developed me as a researcher as well as personally during my time here.

“This grant was really helpful during a particularly challenging time during my PhD. When I had an extended period of absence, the grant was crucial in helping with my recovery and eventual return to my studies. It has been so comforting to know that the College and its supporters are there to help individuals such as me in times of need.

“I greatly appreciate the help I have received and would like to extend my sincere gratitude. These generous acts of kindness and support make a massive difference to people’s lives and I am really heartened that this fund exists. Thank you again.”

Thank you

We hope these messages demonstrate the incredible impact your gift has made for those in the most need. Your support was instrumental in enabling numerous exceptional students to continue their studies and to make the most of their time at Imperial and beyond. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for making this possible.