16.12.21 Liveryman Martin Derrick

Event administrator & secretary required

Inter Livery Golfing Society Prince Arthur Cup Competition

The next Prince Arthur Cup tournament will be at Walton Heath on 19th May 2022.

The current event administrator & Secretary is retiring from the role after many years of excellent service and a replacement is being sought. From January to March each year the role requires approximately 1.5 hours per week day, with more during April and May in the build up to the competition. Thereafter the time commitment is less for the remainder of the year.

The annual event, The Prince Arthur Cup Competition, is a most prestigious inter Livery event. Annually 54 Livery teams participate with 216 players. As you can imagine it is a most fiercely contested annual sporting event. Each year the 12 Livery Companies with the lowest score retire to allow new competitors to enter the following year.

The position will commence in January 2022. Knowledge of golf is not a pre-requisite, but excellent administration skills and good communication skills are.

There is an annual cycle of preparation, arrangements and event management to include:
Committee Meeting in January
Issuing invitations to play
Dealing with responses
Team details and events times
Preparing score cards
Organising Committee tasks
Scoring after each round at the tournament
Tasks after completion of tournament
Ongoing communication and administrative duties.

There will be a considerable handover with the current Secretary. So, if you would like more information, including details of the annual honorarium, or to apply, please contact Liveryman Martin Derrick, Chair Prince Arthur Cup Competition at martin@inpmedia.com or Assistant Graeme Hunt, Captain of Coachmakers Golf on mail@graemehunt.com