Coachlines - December 2021

16.12.21 Freeman Ellie Bacon

Our support for YoungMinds

On 22nd November, The Master, Assistant Eric Wallbank and Freeman Ellie Bacon went to visit the YoungMinds charity headquarters in Southwark, where they met Director of Development Vanessa Longley. She spoke extremely eloquently and sensitively on various topics surrounding and including youth mental health. She reiterated its aim as a charity is to ensure young people never reach a point of crisis with their mental health. In a country where one in every six 5-16 year-olds has a mental health problem, this support cannot come soon enough: this rate has increased from one in nine pre-Covid and remains high.

The Coachmakers’ support will help ensure young people can get the mental health support they need, when they need it. YoungMinds was a recipient of special support to help those in need, over and above our normal level of giving as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Youth mental health was identified as an area that needed to be addressed, and its Never Alone programme which seeks to help young people look after their own mental health was a fantastic place to start. YoungMinds is doing some really great work reaching young people all over the UK and helping them access the support resources they need. Our support came at a time that could really make a difference, helping thousands of young people navigate the impact of the pandemic on their mental health.

If anyone wants to see more of what YoungMinds does, or knows of a young person who might need help, please visit: