Coachlines - February 2024

28.02.24 Honorary Assistant Lesley Upham

The Master’s 350th Charter Anniversary Fundraising Initiative is under way

The 31st May 2027 is the 350th anniversary of the signing of our first Royal Charter. To celebrate, the Master has launched a fundraising drive to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to living up to our ethos of an active Livery investing in young people.

The Master is calling on all members to support the Company in building a legacy that will influence the lives of young people up to and beyond 2027. To achieve this ambitious plan a dedicated Fundraising Committee has been established under the chair of Senior Warden Steve Fitz-Gerald, with a remit to:

• Encourage members to sign up to regular giving.
• Employ targeted fundraising activities such as the Banquet and the John Pearl 100 Club.
• Explore sponsorship options with corporates, both large and small.
• Engage with high net worth individuals.
• Endeavour to secure legacy donations.

All monies raised will go to the Coachmakers’ Charitable Fund, to be used to realise the Master’s goals to:

• Engage with 350 young people to encourage them to study science and engineering subjects, specifically aimed towards the automotive and aerospace industries.
• Support 35 young people to study towards careers in the Coachmakers’ three affiliated industries – roughly double that of today.
• Place at least five disadvantaged young people into employment within the three industry sectors.

During the coming months information on how you can sign-up to help the Master achieve her goals will be dropping onto your doormat and into your inbox. You may also receive a call from a member of the fundraising team to talk you through the options of making a monthly pledge of your choice, making a one-off donation, or by funding an award for yourself or your company.

However, if you are ready take action immediately, then find out how by emailing

Livery Companies have existed for hundreds of years and will continue to exist far into the future. Our own company was granted its Charter during the reign of King Charles II. Now with your support, future generations of Coachmakers will look back and see that their forebears of the age in which Charles III reigned were generous and far sighted.