Coachlines - June 2020

14.06.20 Lieutenant Commander Steve Jones RN

Senior Naval Officer HMS BULWARK calling

Lieutenant Commander Steve Jones RN, the (relatively) recently joined new Senior Naval Officer HMS BULWARK writes to introduce himself.

I hope the Coachmakers are well in these uncertain times. I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to make contact but with the majority of my staff and Babcock Marine Management all working from home since the middle of March I have spent all of my time dealing with e-mails to maintain forward momentum of BULWARK’s Optimised Support Period (OSP) and am just about keeping my head above water on a daily basis.

As is the way of this new method of working, what would be a two minute conversation to discuss the task, pass over my intent and receive confirmation now takes two or three e-mails and 10-15 minutes of valuable time, repeated several times a day mounts up surprisingly quickly.

BULWARK is due into the dry dock in Q2/Q3 of 2020 but the exact dates have yet to be confirmed but I shall provide further updates on her progress in due course. For now, on behalf of all the ship’s company I send my very best wishes to everyone in the Coachmakers’ Company.

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