29.03.23 The Master Julian Leach

Master’s message March 2023

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Automotive Industry Dinner on 23rd March. Although in a slightly smaller hall than in previous years, I was delighted that we were oversubscribed – the first time since Covid, and I hope this is a good sign of things to come. It was a lively evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was good food, good wine and some inspired musical numbers from the London Choral Sinfonia that resonated with the automotive industry.

It is a huge privilege being the Master of a Livery. Until you have been Master it is difficult to convey the commitment required. It is likely that by the end of the Livery year, I will have attended something around 150 events. Of course, there are our own dinners, social events and meetings. As well, there are ambassadorial visits to our affiliated organisations, the armed forces, cadets and colleges. The vast majority of commitments are other Livery Company events (usually involving food and drink), City events and Lord Mayoral collaborations. Whilst it doesn’t sound much like work, it is very important to our own Livery for the Master to represent it at these events. Being present and seen confirms that the Coachmakers plays an important part in the City. The result is inclusion and influence. As I say, a huge privilege and a chance to make Livery friends and discover new opportunities and ways of working for our own Livery.

I am very proud of the various new aims and initiatives that I have been telling you about in these messages and my speeches. I do my best to find out how other Liveries do the things that we want to do and achieve by using the networking opportunities that I have described above. However, my pride is with the Committee Chairmen who actually implement these ideas in Membership, Charity, Events and Communications and will help us as our fundraising events get going.

I would also like to report that interest in our company continues to grow. At the dinner we clothed four new liverymen and welcomed 11 new Freemen. I also had the great pleasure to swear Patricia Bunn, widow of the late PM and erstwhile Clerk, Gerry Bunn CBE, as an Honorary Freeman.

Before I finish, I will ask you to read further on in this Coachlines to find out more about the Banquet on 6th June, which will be the City event of the year. Tickets are selling well, and it is my ambition to sell out, so please support it. All proceeds will go directly into our charity to support the awards that we present throughout the year to some amazing young people.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter.