Coachlines - March 2024

29.03.24 Honorary Assistant Lesley Upham

Fundraising – the ball has started to roll

Following our Coachlines update last month the Fundraising Committee has been busy commencing the first tranche of contact activities.

Members received a letter, an email and fundraising leaflet from the Master. This communication was followed by a call from a member of the committee to encourage consideration of the ask to become a regular giver to support the Master’s 350th Charter Anniversary Fundraising Initiative.

The money raised by regular giving will be used to fund new awards directly, rather than the money going into the overall charity fund. To date we have commitments to regular giving that total an annualised £4,000: enough to fund an additional award to a young person looking for a career on one of our affiliated industries.

Contributions will also be used to realise the Master’s goals to:

• Engage with 350 young people to encourage them to study science and engineering subjects, specifically aimed towards the automotive and aerospace industries.
• Support 35 young people to study towards careers in the Coachmakers’ three affiliated industries – roughly double that of today.
• Place at least five disadvantaged young people into employment within the three industry sectors.

Plus, the team has identified three members who are interested in giving more substantial gifts such as corporate support for an award.

If you wish to know more about joining our fundraising drive with the options of making a monthly pledge of your choice, making a one-off donation, or by funding an award for yourself or your company, find out how by emailing