27.04.23 Assistant Eric Wallbank

Engineers from the Livery inspire the next generation

You may recall that in our 350th year (2027) we wish to engage directly with 350 young people to inform and enthuse them about careers in aerospace and automotive sectors. Progress has been made towards that objective at Kingston University’s Saturday Club.

The Livery has supported the Club for some years. This brings in local schoolchildren, often from the less advantaged backgrounds, into the University on Saturday mornings to work in teams on projects with an engineering bent.
We have extended the relationship with Kingston to further enthuse and inspire the students: members of the Livery with engineering careers (Nick Lyford and Eric Wallbank) spent a few hours at the Club painting the story of their careers in engineering, to make an engineering career come alive, first hand.

Abbie Carr, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at Kingston University, said: “It was wonderful for the Saturday Engineers to have the opportunity to hear from you about careers in engineering, and your own career paths. I don’t think I’ve seen such an attentive audience, and the questions were great!”

The student ambassadors – undergraduates at Kingston who ‘run’ the Club activities, and who we fund to do so – were particularly interested, as they are nearer the point where they leave their studies and join the world of work. Nick and I found it rewarding and satisfying.

As we grow our activities in engaging with young people about careers in our associated industries, we need the help of more Liverymen with backgrounds in engineering to talk to students, and also to help with Livery stands at a growing number of careers fairs. The wider engagement of the Livery is about putting our strapline into action – an active livery investing in young people – by the many rather than the few.

Anyone from the Livery who wants to see the Saturday Club in action is welcome to join visits by the Livery on the mornings of 13th or 20th May. Contact Mike Malone at michael.malone@rentatruckuk.com.