Airship ride

09.08.17 John Knightley

Coachmakers on tour in Munich

21 Liverymen and guests spent two days in Munich to visit BMW, including the original BMW factory where the 3 Series is made, the visitor centre, museum and the classic collection. Sales and Marketing Director Ian Robertson gave an excellent address on the challenges facing BMW and the industry at large. We were fortunate to have David Carp, Product Line Design Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to show us around all the locations.

Liveryman Giles Taylor, Head of Design at Rolls-Royce, gave us a detailed exposition of the design issues he and his team face, and how he sees the future of design for cars.

From Munich, we travelled to Friedrichshafen, where most of us had a flight in glorious weather in a Zeppelin over Lake Constance, and also visited the Zeppelin and Dornier Museums. We experienced some excellent hotels and good food.

Editor’s note: I received the information about the BMW trip after Coachlines for June was published so I have included it here with some photos of the Zeppelin that the Master so enjoyed.