Coachlines - June 2022

28.06.22 The Clerk

Clerk’s Notes – June 2022

This edition of Coachlines contains more than enough articles with a nautical theme and therefore you may be relieved to know that this edition of the Clerk’s Notes contains only important information of which you would wish to be aware. But don’t let that put you off, read on.

Mark The Clerk

Mark The Clerk

Forthcoming Coachmaker events

Summer Reception

The final major event of this Livery Year is the Summer Reception to be held in HQS Wellington on 14th July. If you enjoy standing on the quarterdeck of a ship looking out over a watery vista while sipping a “sundowners” drink of something appropriately refreshing, then you should book to be there. Tickets are still available and can be booked via this link.

Election Court 2022

The Election Court and subsequent installation of the Master and the Court for the ensuing year will be held at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on 1st September 2022. There will be a limited number of places available to the wider membership and for the price of any one of our mainstream Livery Dinners you get the theatre of the Election Court, a Service of Thanksgiving in St James, Garlickhythe, a Champagne Reception and a Livery Dinner in TC Hall itself. How can it be done? You may be asking yourselves that very question. Well, when the advert emerges in early July, book yourselves a seat or two and you’ll find out.

Coachmaker news

Website updates

Following notice of the Election Court it is indeed that time of year when we review what needs to be done to update the Coachmaker website. You can help by logging onto your own personal website page and ensure that it is up to date and tells us as much as you can about yourself to enable us to manage your membership and improve the service you receive. It may be a cliché but please help us to help you.

City events

Livery Climate Action Group Annual Conference

This is a bit of a late call but the Livery Climate Action Group is organising its first annual conference in person on the afternoon of Monday 4th July 2022 at 12.30pm. In the words of the LCAG itself: The conference is being held in the imposing surroundings of the Merchant Taylors’ Hall. As befits the purpose of the LCAG, the conference’s focus is on sustainability in all Livery activities, whether a Company is hall-owning or not, and in support of the City of London’s Climate Action Strategy.

If you wish to attend, to book your tickets please visit:

Opened by the Lord Major, the conference has a mix of both external expert speakers as well as Liverymen. The conference will focus on matters which most affect Livery Companies such as sustainable catering, building a climate action plan and a sustainable approach to refurbishment. It will also represent an excellent opportunity for Liverymen to network across the many Livery Company delegates who will be there. Learning from and networking with each other will play a key part in supporting the City of London in delivering Net Zero 2040. The afternoon will conclude with a panel discussion on how the City of London can transition to a green future?

A flyer for the conference with details of the speakers, sponsors and programme content can be viewed here.

The cost of general admittance is £50.

City Beerfest 2022

Without wishing to offend anyone, perhaps an opportunity that may interest your taste buds a little more easily is the return of the Worshipful Company of Brewers’ Beerfest and the Brewers invite everyone to join them in the Guildhall Yard between 12.30 and 9.00pm on Thursday 7th July for the triumphant return of the said City Beerfest. According to my good friend the Clerk to the Brewers, it will be “…..a great day of amazing beer, delicious street food and live music all in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.”

Visit the City Beerfest website to find out more, see what beers will be on offer and to book your tickets in advance (at a discounted price!). Errr…drink responsibly.

Other news

Explosive hazard recognition playing cards for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has left vast quantities of abandoned and unexploded ordnance scattered across the country. These munitions pose a major risk to everybody living and working there, including local people, aid workers and soldiers. Awareness cards can help save lives. For more detail of how you might be able to help support this initiative please click here.

South Westminster Legal Advice Centre

The South Westminster Legal Advice Centre is operated by volunteer professionals who give their time to help those in need of legal guidance. They are seeking a Director of Administration to modernise their administration systems. In particular, they are seeking a volunteer but accept that they may have to pay someone, either for a short term project to establish the new system or that plus an ongoing retainer to provide on-going support but with greater volunteer involvement. More information can be found here:; the TORs can be found here, and interested parties should contact David Warner at:

Clerkship vacancies

For a number of reasons there is a significant number of Clerkship vacancies currently in recruitment as follows: Cooks’ Co., Scriveners’ Co., Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers’ Co., Lightmongers’ Co. and the Water Conservators’ Co. The Engineers’ Co is also seeking a new Clerk and the recruitment detail can be found here.

Should you find yourself strangely drawn to this idea, I suggest you lie down in a darkened room for a couple of hours with a cool towel across your forehead until the feeling passes. If it doesn’t and you are still attracted to the idea, for the rest simply Google the relevant Company and get their Clerk’s contact detail and ask for further information.

In conclusion

Notwithstanding the opening paragraph, I couldn’t go a whole edition without mentioning something that happened in a faraway place long, long ago; you’d feel cheated. Therefore as I was sent a link recently to an interesting film about the events in South Georgia in April 1982, a perspective from which I was previously unaware, I now share it with you. You will find it interesting: