04.06.19 Assistant Lesley Upham

Action this day!

And this day means any day between 1st and 31st July.

In that window of opportunity, log in to the website using your normal details, and update your profile.

You will notice that things have changed: please do not be alarmed. Simply follow the instructions and all will work like a Swiss clock.

Why the changes?

Well now… Fundamental to the functioning of our Livery is our fellowship and community and to further these ideals, we will shortly introduce an enhanced version of the membership database, to enable you to have a closer relationship with your Livery, and so we can tailor our activities and communications to suit you personally.

We rely on your support to make the most of this opportunity to bring us all closer together, for the benefit of each current member of the Livery, and also all the young people whose future we can enhance.

Please make a note to remind yourself to access your profile on the website between 1st and 31st July and take a few minutes to tell us a little about yourself.