Coachlines - February 2021

21.02.21 Court Steward John Ponsonby OBE

Young Coachmaker Committee

Pictured above: Freeman Philippa Green

In October 2020 the MEMCOM fully supported a proposal to put a more formal structure around the young members of the Coachmakers’ Company in order to attract and retain more young people and to ensure that all younger members of the Coachmakers support the Company’s objectives whilst embracing its history and traditions.

Court Steward John Ponsonby OBE

Since the inception of the Young Coachmakers method of entry in October 2020, Court Steward John Ponsonby OBE has built a Young Coachmaker Committee, including Freeman Philippa Green and Freeman Mark Gleeson, to devise an initial two-year strategy to include increasing the number of Young Coachmakers within the Livery, implementing a mentoring programme for those Young Coachmakers, supporting the Charity Committee’s initiatives and ensuring strong connections are maintained with previous recipients of Coachmaker awards, scholarships, bursary applications & sponsored apprenticships.

The Young Coachmaker Committee will continue to sit under the MEMCOM, and the Committee wishes to thank each member of the MEMCOM for their ongoing support, guidance and for volunteering to be mentors to the existing Young Coachmakers as we pilot the mentoring programme in Jan 2021.

The Young Coachmaker Committee looks forward to connecting with many more Liverymen throughout 2021, to discuss expansion ideas and to support a lot of the outstanding work that is being undertaken across the Company. Please do reach out to John, Philippa & Mark to discuss the initiative further.

Freeman Mark Gleeson

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