Coachlines - March 2018

28.03.18 The Master Tony Edwards

Young automotive talent in the spotlight

Every year the Coachmakers presents a major award for students in the area of automotive design at the Royal College of Art.
The students begin by submitting their portfolios which are highly refined and professional. This year the area of study included “British Luxury 2050”. Inevitably, the subjects included cars such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Jensen.
The College selected six students for the final session with the Coachmaker panel. Giles Taylor, as Chairman, organised the panel consisting of Giles Taylor, Ian Callum, Past Master Richard Dallimore, Michael Quinn and (ex officio) the Master.
In addition, were the department head Professor Christopher Thorpe and Professor J Mays – former Chief Designer of Ford Motor Company.
The six presentations were of a very high standard and the interrogation of the students, especially by the three chief designers, was an education in itself.
A consensus was easily achieved. One student was so outstanding that he was already applying for patents for his work. We understand he has re-invented the wheel! The other two candidates were so promising that they deserved encouragement.
In the spirit of a British compromise we awarded a first prize and two equal seconds.
Subsequently, these three students appeared at the Coachmakers’ Automotive Dinner and the awards were made to them by our guest speaker, Paddy Hopkirk MBE.