Coachlines - June 2023

28.06.23 Liveryman Richard Charlesworth

Tradition and style at Savile Row Concours

The second staging of the Savile Row Concours took place in the street of the same name on 24th-25th May. Such was the acclaim of the inaugural event in 2022, it was back with more content, more cars and more visitors. What makes the Concours different and special is it combines bespoke tailoring and bespoke automobiles and is presented by many of the Row’s famous ‘houses’ with specialist car makers and the coachbuilding divisions of major manufacturers. Tailors and car makers have been surprised and delighted by the synergies that have come about, and some long-term relationships have been created.

Savile Row Concours is also different in that anyone can walk in and see the cars on the street and go into the tailors. Invited guests get to go behind the scenes to see more and enjoy hospitality by the likes of partners Nyetimber and Savile Row Gin. The Nyetimber bus looked splendid parked at the junction of Savile Row and Burlington Gardens.

I had the pleasure of being one of two presenters on stage throughout the two days, together with Benedict Browne, who knows a lot about tailoring. One of my interviews was with The Master Julian Leach and Liveryman Christopher Tate. We had a great conversation about the Livery’s success in its aim of bringing young people into our professions, which linked perfectly with the theme of the Concours. The Master and Christopher were also able to talk about the forthcoming Banquet at the Guildhall, celebrating the centenary of the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

The indications are that the second staging of the event was even better than last year, so there is already lots of interest from those who wish to be part of it next year.