Coachlines - February 2021

21.02.21 Liveryman Dave Connor

The usual, Sir?

Is there anything more splendid than a proper English pub? Yes: a proper English pub in the environs of the City of London. To remind us just how splendid, on the evening of Thursday 4th February, Coachmakers and guests enjoyed a virtual pub crawl, hosted by Simon Whitehouse of London Walks, and arranged by Liveryman Dave Connor. The evening served to amuse, entertain and remind us of what will be sooner than we might imagine, thanks to vaccination.

That evening we journeyed through both of London’s fine cities, London the senior of course, and Westminster, from East to West. We and our guests drank and nibbled from the comfort of our homes and embarked on a tour of some of London’s most historic, and wonderfully lubricating, communal social venues. It wasn’t just eating and drinking; oh no. It was educational as well. From stories about Ronnie Kray to King Richard III, we heard and wondered about all manner of tales and facts, all suffused with the intrigue and mystery that our cities hold.

Our tour was punctuated by a half-time quiz to sharpen the minds. We learnt about the City’s tallest building (it’s not the Shard), the Queen’s favourite drink and who came up with the idea of pub signs. Having travelled down Long Acre in which is a fascinating link to our Livery’s prime trade and craft, we learnt about Covent Garden’s coaching past, and how the area is steeped in Italian architecture and was once home to Samuel Pepys’ private carriage.

Our elegant, interesting and fun evening concluded shortly after a couple of bracers in Gordon’s wine bar and we stumbled, still virtually, toward the nearest taxi rank. It was a fabulous evening. A warm thank you to all who attended and made charitable donations to our Livery, and with special appreciation to Simon Whitehouse of London Walks.

Same again?