23.02.23 Jay Rayner in The Observer

The Trussell Trust – an update by Jay Rayner in The Observer

“The Trussell Trust, which runs 1,300 appallingly over-subscribed food banks, has launched a new restaurant tipping scheme to help raise funds. Until August each year restaurants can sign up for a month or more to add a £1 ‘Tip for Trussell’ to diners’ bills. The scheme was initiated by the team at Islington pub the Draper’s Arms led by Nick Gibson. “People shouldn’t go without food in this country,” Gibson says. “We shouldn’t have to do this but the industry feeds people. Kudos to charity Streetsmart which led the way.”

This is a cause which is close to us as Coachmakers because we supported The Trussell Trust in the long stretch that was lockdown. And, let us not forget, many of us are habitual users of restaurants; this is a smart and simple opportunity to be kind when we do.