Coachlines - July 2020

11.07.20 Lieutenant Colonel Mark Butler

The Glovers’ Company gives a helping hand

As an example of how the Livery community provides help and support and makes a difference is illustrated by the short video below. It was provided by the Clerk to the Glovers’ Company, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Butler, late of the Royal Dragoon Guards. With the Coachmakers, the Glovers’ Company is part of the Leather Group of Companies and supports a small but thriving UK glove industry, which is likely to become even stronger in the coming years. For some time the Glovers have focused on safety glove provision as part of its charitable giving and more recently it established a project to provide prosthetic hands.

The opening sequences do not clearly communicate the connection between the subject and the Glovers’ Company but it gets there in the end. However, it is highly recommended viewing as one of the most heart-warming examples you will see of how the Livery Companies of London make a difference to the lives of real people.