award winner 2017

19.06.17 Peter Dias

The Automotive Industry Dinner

The Automotive Industry Dinner took place at Carpenters’ Hall in March, where our guest speaker was Chris Aylett, Chief Executive Officer of the Motorsport Industry Association.

Chris became Chief Executive in 1998 and has driven it to become the world’s leading organisation for the high-performance engineering and motorsport industry. UK members’ sales exceeded £5 billion in 2015, investing more than £1.5 billion in research and development in their race for success; a ratio double that of pharmaceutical and 10 times automotive.

Since 2000, Chris has led the Energy Efficient Motorsport programme which has uncovered new opportunities in energy-efficient, low-carbon business for UK motorsport companies.

The evening also included the presentation of the annual Motor Centenary Bursary Award to the worthy winners. In 1985 Past Master Richard Dallimore, in his year as Master, launched an appeal to establish a Motor Car Centenary Fund to provide an annual bursary to enable an outstanding designer with the opportunity to advance their career in the field of automotive design. The competition is open to second year vehicle design students at the Royal College of Art and an eminent group of motor enthusiasts adjudicate the presented work and make recommendations to the Court. The winner of the 2017 award was Elliot Winslow-Thorpe, while Sam Philpott and Kalle Keituri were commended.

During the Court meeting, Air Commander Stuart Burdess and Michael Durkin were sworn to the Livery, while Freeman Lyn Litchfield was clothed in the Livery.