23.11.22 Assistant Richard Robinson

Sun shines on Lord Mayor’s Show

In glorious sunshine, on an unseasonable warm November Saturday, The Master, Senior Warden, Renter Warden, Clerk and Assistant Clerk gathered just yards from the former Coachmakers’ Hall. The Junior Warden made his apologies, but had important duties on a particular balcony. They were joined by four fine horses, the Nimrod Coach and 14 Liverymen and guests.

The group, by now attired in livery gowns and joined by a guard equipped with a coaching horn and a strong set of lungs, set off along Gresham Street to commence the Show. A sharp turn into Princes Street and they were off. Big waves to the BBC cameras before turning onto Bank Junction, with the Mansion House balcony filled with City representatives. Hats off and flag up in a salute to Nichols Lyons, the newly elected Lord Mayor, (and to our own Junior Warden), accompanied by a fanfare on the coach horn.

The moment was captured in full by the BBC and can be watched on iPlayer here. You will spot us around 20 minutes in.

Formalities over, but not the day, the group processed past St Paul’s, down Ludgate Hill, along Fleet Street and to Temple, cheered the whole way by crowds of all ages. Arriving a bit warmer than in years past, everyone cooled down with a few glasses of fizz and recharged on pork pies and stilton during the half-way halt.

The half-way point offered a chance to see the others in the procession and what a mix it was! A lady approached looking for camels and participants had to weave between heavy artillery, giant daffodils and purple butterflies. Four giant dogs panted away in the sunshine, which glared off the armour of seven mounted knights.

Refreshed, the group set off on the return leg with more cheering crowds, plus high-fives and fist-bumps, before rounding off the day with a late pub lunch and some more refreshments.

Plans are in progress to participate again next year, so put 11th November 2023 in your diaries and come along.