Coachlines - November 2021

23.11.21 Hon Assistant Richard Robinson

Streets of London come alive for the Lord Mayor’s Show

On the second Saturday in November, the Master led the Coachmakers through the City as we welcomed the new Lord Mayor, Alderman Vincent Keaveny. Riding atop the Millennium Coach, the Master was accompanied by her consort along with a full complement of Wardens and the Clerk waving to the cheering crowds. The Assistant Clerk, Liverymen and guests joined on foot to add to the occasion.

The coach was expertly driven by John Peacock, with extra entertainment added by Guard Colin Pawson, playing coaching calls and tunes as they processed along.

The moment was captured by the BBC and can be seen here on iPlayer. ( Jump to 35 minutes.

The enforced hibernation that led to the cancellation of the 2020 Show (the first time since 1852) seemed a distant memory as the parade progressed through the City, which felt fully back to life and full of people once again. Even the usually quieter return leg showed the City at its absolute finest, with both sides of the route lined with cheering spectators, although the dry weather may have helped too.

It would be remiss to end without a few words on the centre piece of the Coachmakers’ entry, the Millennium Coach, and thanks go to Court Assistant Mark Broadbent for making it possible to include it in the Lord Mayor’s Show. This remarkable vehicle was completed in 2001 by Fenix Carriages and built in a traditional manner. Construction took nearly 3,000 man-hours over a 15-month period. The body is constructed from seasoned ash, with all the ironwork for the chassis being hand-forged by Mark and his team. It was finished to its full glory with more than 18 coats of paint. The coach is currently displayed, on behalf of the owners, as part of the collection at Fenix Carriages in Devon. Look out for more details of an upcoming visit should you wish to see it in the flesh.