Coachlines - September 2022

27.09.22 Liveryman Alastair Boyes

Shooting update

After a busy summer for many Coachmakers this year, the shooting season has now begun in earnest. With this in mind the next Coachmakers shooting event will be held at Honesberie Shooting School, Warwickshire, on Saturday 19th November. The form for the day shall be to meet for break fast at 10am at the shooting school. Informal shooting of 100 clays or so, with a bit of banter and competition.

Following shooting, lunch will be taken at the Red Lion in Hellidon. The aim of the day to finish around 2pm in the afternoon. All are welcome join what should be an entertaining day of shooting, good company and a nice lunch. If you would like to attend please contact Alastair Boyes ( or 07408 801138)

Game shooting this season has faced a many challenges, with bird flu, shortage of poults from France and massive increases in costs. To this end many smaller shoots have decided to scale back or not operate at all, all of which has pushed up the price for let days significantly to a point which understandably is prohibitive. Having said this, some let days are beginning to become available at a reduced price albeit still highly marked up compared to last year. We are trying to find a cost effective day for a team of Coachmakers, which is likely to be January 2023 but is yet to be confirmed.