02.08.20 Honorary Assistant John Blauth

Saturday Engineering Club continues apace

Liverymen will all be aware of the energetic, dynamic, active and hugely rewarding engagement we have with Kingston University Saturday Engineering Club.

The young people at Kingston, aided and abetted by under and post graduates from the School of Engineering, have continued without a pause, to show up and participate in virtual projects, lectures and coaching from the Student Ambassadors.

STEM Outreach Officer Chère Reade-Edwards BSc (Hons), MSc (Env), MSc (ACSFS), who is our guide and mentor to the sessions, has made sure that as many students who could, were able to continue to learn while the world reeled.

It has been genuinely inspirational to see the young people over Zoom this term, and all Liverymen are encouraged to click on these two links; first to see more of the Saturday Club’s scope across the UK from the Annual Summer Show 2020 and, second, the Kingston section where you’ll note that the Coachmakers Livery gets a highlight mention that recognises our support. Please note that this site is at the cutting edge in terms of user experience and scrolls sideways; a form of digital distancing…