Coachlines - April 2018

18.04.18 John Blauth

Remembrancer or Raven Master I am not; however my job involves…

All of us are, or have been, gainfully employed one way or another, during our working lives. We’re the lucky ones.
Most of us are well educated, either academically or professionally, and are generally successful at what we do or did.

Yet there is a population of young people in and around London who lack the certainties which most of us took for granted.
Will you share your journey with them? Can you tell them just what it takes to be engaged by a company and how to shine at interview? Will you share your experience and give them the independent guidance they crave?

Stand by for details of a volunteering platform for Coachmakers from the Livery Schools Link which will enable you to do just that and be more active in your support for young people.