Coachlines - February 2019

22.02.19 Lesley Upham

Project 350+ is under way

At the January meeting, the Court approved the establishment of a new 350+ Committee and invited Steward Christopher Walkinshaw to be its chairman.

Christopher Walkinshaw is our new 350 committee chairman

Christopher Walkinshaw is our new 350 committee chairman

Introducing the proposal to the Court, the Master with the full support of the Wardens, advised the Court of the approaching 350th anniversary in 2027, the work of the Way Forward Committee and the finely balanced finances of the Company. As a 350-year old institution we are still closely linked with our original purpose and are also uniquely connected to the aerospace and automotive industries which are so relevant to today’s world and the future; something which many other livery companies have lost.

As a result, we are well placed to use the lead-up to our 350th anniversary as a launchpad on which to strengthen our position as an active, secure and ambitious livery with a relevant purpose and which will be regarded, by the time we celebrate our 400th anniversary, as one of the pre-eminent livery companies.

Christopher is looking to establish a small committee to draw together a programme for the years leading up to our 350th and beyond and will be seeking input and engagement from a wide cross section of liverymen to inform, frame and deliver on the ambition for the future beyond us.