Coachlines - May 2020

30.05.20 Hon Assistant Lesley Upham

Please update your details

Usually at this time of year, I ask you to dive into the ‘Edit my profile’ section on the Coachmaker website to update your profile ahead of the production of the next edition of The Coachmaker which will be published in September.

You will remember earlier in the year, we made a few changes to the database form to make it more secure and easier to complete. You now only need to add your year of birth and a size limit of 2Mb was set to ease uploading of pictures.

Today, to make the database even smarter, we have added a mandatory drop down box asking you to insert your employment sector. This additional information will help us to deliver to you sector appropriate news and events.

So please do take a few moments to review your profile for changes and complete the new field.

Thank you!