Coachlines - December 2022

15.12.22 Liveryman John Blauth

Our endeavours recognised at Kingston Engineering Saturday Club

Liverymen are kept regularly ‘up-to-speed’ with our many activities, not the least of which is our active involvement with Kingston University Saturday Engineering Club. Three cheers for the quiet endeavours of our Communications Committee who take so much trouble to make certain we all know what’s going on.

In this instance, click this link for information about one of our extremely important charitable endeavours via the National Saturday Club’s Annual Review. It includes a Coachmaker mention on page 67. It also outlines and illuminates what this extraordinary organisation does for young people up and down the land.

Worthy? Elegantly and beautifully so. Dull? Absolutely not.

And if you would like to learn more about the National Club generally, or our Kingston link specifically, any member of the Charity Committee will be delighted to tell you more and invite you to come along one Saturday and see for yourself. Just ask IPM Sarah Sillars for a third-party endorsement.

Our active engagement with the Engineering Saturday Club at Kingston University was established by PM Marcus Wills CVO. For all Coachmakers who have been to see for themselves, our involvement is absolutely one of delight and wonder. The late Liveryman John Pearl, himself an alumnus of Kingston, was always pleased to visit when the opportunity presented itself and considered our involvement to be one of the Livery’s finer charitable associations and endeavours.

The ongoing achievement of the young people we have helped, currently help, and will help in the future, plus the guiding Ambassadors (previously students themselves) and the supporting host that is Kingston University, make this an important place of practical learning and achievement. As Coachmakers we are extremely proud of our involvement.