Coachlines - August 2023

28.08.23 Past Master Martin Payne

Order your Coachmakers’ card holder

Some may remember this table gift offered at the 2017 Banquet. They were kindly produced by the students at Capel Manor and all were taken by the diners.

The card holders reflect the Livery’s colours in Coachmaker blue and gold. The Coachmakers’ crest is embossed on the front while an imprint of Capel Manor College is on the back.

Following a recent request from a fellow Coachmaker, an approach was made to Capel Manor to see if they had retained the pattern but also if they would be willing to make some more, and Capel Manor agreed to make 12 more Coachmaker card holders.

Three have already been sold, and nine remain available at £25 each. Once all the card holders have been sold, a donation will be made to Capel Manor and the Livery.

The card holders are suitable/appropriate for any member or guest (unlike the tie or cufflinks), and reflect the Livery’s link with leatherwork. If you would like one of these unique card holders please contact Martin Payne.