The Master

13.09.17 John Kendall

New Master vows to continue 340 year tradition of support for apprentices

The new Master Coachmaker, Tony Edwards, elected by The Livery at the start of September, has vowed to continue the Company’s 340-year tradition of support for apprentices and young people.

Speaking at his installation as Master Coachmaker, Tony said: “Every year the Livery invests an increasing amount of money in young people. Last year it was £80,000. In previous years, we have made awards to Royal College of Art students, one of whom became the Chief Designer of Rolls-Royce and another who became the Chief Designer of Jaguar.

“We also actively help Motorvations, a recognised professional organisation, which aims to improve the confidence, self-esteem, social skills, knowledge and life chances of young people, and enable them to move into mainstream training or employment.”

Tony called on his fellow Coachmakers for support to help build the Coachmakers’ Trust, which provides funds to invest in the future career development of young people to do all manner of incredible and wonderful things in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Tony himself started his career as a Rolls-Royce apprenticed engineer who later led a number of engineering-based companies in the USA, Denmark, Canada and the UK. Eventually he was seconded to the MoD where he served as Head of DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation). He has led much fundraising activity in aid of military aviation charities. He joined the Coachmakers in 1999 and will serve as Master Coachmaker until September 2018.

During Tony’s year as Master, the Royal Air Force will celebrate its 100th anniversary. This important aviation and aerospace landmark will be the focus of the Coachmakers’ Banquet to be staged at the Guildhall in April 2018 in co-operation with the Lord Mayor, the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

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