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30.10.23 The Master Bettine Evans

Master’s message October 2023

Warm greetings fellow Liverymen. I do hope you’re all well and tolerating this sudden change in the weather. I feel that a gentle shift into autumn would have been kinder, but I suppose we shouldn’t grumble, having enjoyed a wonderful […]

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30.10.23   Assistant Lyn Litchfield

Editor’s letter – October 2023

Dear readers, for those of you who live in the south, you must have enjoyed some unusual warm autumn weather. The sight of bright foliage is confusing when we sense the warmth on our skins at the same time. At […]

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30.10.23   The Clerk

Clerk’s notes – October 2023

Betsie and I have been stepping out quite a lot since I first mentioned our newly established bond. That said, in case anyone might be concerned, I can assure you that l’Assistant has been with us for almost every one […]

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30.10.23   Assistant Lyn Litchfield

Arriving soon: The Coachmaker – Our Livery Year 2023-24

For those who have kept your personal information up to date on our Company’s website, you may have already received the new publication, The Coachmaker – Our Livery Year 2023-2024 in the post, by the time you open this October […]

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30.10.23   Honorary Assistant Richard Robinson

Meet the Team – the Livery Committee

The Livery Committee is responsible for planning and implementing an annual roster of informal social events that bring fellow Coachmakers together. These are initially planned with the Senior Warden for delivery in their year as Master and focus on their […]

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30.10.23   Assistant Eric Wallbank

Brooklands Innovation Academy – not just another STEM event

We recently took our charitable activities to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to another level with our involvement in the Brooklands’ Innovation Academy, which inspires and supports young people to become the next generation of scientists and engineers. […]

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30.10.23   Assistant Giles Taylor

Automotive and Motorsports Future Technologies Award winners

Since 2021, the Automotive Sub-Committee led by Court Assistant Giles Taylor has developed strong relations with the Cranfield University Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre (AVEC), headed by Professor James Brighton. All AVEC courses are at Master’s degree level and run for […]

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30.10.23   Steward Neil Sheath

Adventures of an aerospace award winner and the tale of the Tiger Moth

Congratulations to Milan Stojsavljevic who passed his Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Skills Test in September, and completed his training to become a qualified pilot. Milan won the Coachmakers’ De Havilland Award for the Livery year 2018 to 2019, which helped […]

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