27.07.23 The Master Julian Leach

Master’s message July 2023

While July may be the start of the summer holidays for some, The Master seems to be changing up into another gear as he motors through the last two months of his Livery year. As well as overseeing the coming year’s budget in the Summer Court meeting at Saddlers’ Hall, he welcomed an Honorary Freeman, a Liveryman and 12 Freemen to the company. The Master is now on tour with an intrepid bunch of Coachmakers who are making a journey to the Orkneys.

No one can say our current Master has shied away from ensuring knowledge of our worshipful company reaches all areas of the United Kingdom both north and south! Next month when the rest of us are hopefully basking in languid good weather he will be sitting at his desk diligently writing a report of all his recent activities for us to enjoy.