Coachlines - January 2024

30.01.24 The Master Bettine Evans

Master’s message January 2024

A happy New Year to you all. I do hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration, as indeed did I and my family.

I have so enjoyed the past three months as your Master Coachmaker, and I believe I am beginning to get the hang of it now. As you know, I have been concentrating on eating (and sadly drinking) my way around the City, and have gained a slightly greater girth as a result. But we (the Clerk and I) have also spread the word about the Coachmakers, our charitable endeavors, our military affiliations, our interesting and friendly members, our active associations, our fascinating, informative, educational, and enjoyable events and the many and varied benefits of being fortunate enough to be “one of us”.

I have made so many new friends, and met so very many fascinating young people, prize winners at our events, Sea Cadets in Upminster and Hornchurch, so smart and proud and so, so able, and young Coachmaker award winners whose dissertations were so impressive that I was left reeling at their ability. We watched Sea Cadets performing in Trafalgar Square on Trafalgar day, which included marching bands, wonderful music emanating from their instruments, and groups of cadets who performed an amazing gymnastics display.

As you know, I was jailed and bailed right at the start of my year of office and, with your help, raised more than £2,000 of the £24,000 collected for the British Red Cross from the event. Well, next week I’m off to the Old Bailey again for luncheon with the judges and a peep at a trial. I do hope the judge from last time fails to recognize me!

The Award to Industry Dinner on 18th January at Apothecaries’ Hall was a splendid affair, with good food, Rodney Earl Clarke’s splendid singing to entertain us, and some interesting speakers.

Please remember the Banquet on 17th May 2024. It promises to be a really special event and I do hope that you will join me on the night. The theme is Navy Wings – and there will really be an aeroplane on display in the Great Hall!

Thank you all for your continued support.