Coachlines - February 2023

23.02.23 The Master Julian Leach

Master’s Message February 2023

On 23rd March we will be sitting down for our annual Automotive Dinner. I hope that you have all bought tickets. At that dinner, we will be distributing well-deserved awards to some amazing students. If past years are anything to go by, in spite of best efforts we will struggle to stay in touch with their future, after college. We have been giving this phenomenon a great deal of thought and we have realised that we need to create an environment that attracts the students back to us, rather than us having to chase them.

Every time we sit down for dinner, I see hundreds of years of wisdom and experience in front of me. It will take a while to set up, and it must be done properly, but what we intend to do is to create a mentoring programme for these students and for our younger Coachmakers. Clearly, the people who can do this are many of our own Coachmakers, you. There will be more about this very soon. At the same time, this month we have been working on making it possible for younger people to join us in a sustainable way.

In 2027, we will be celebrating the 350th anniversary of the granting of our charter on 31st May 1677 by Charles II. This will soon be upon us so two years ago the 350+ Committee started to work on how we will mark this milestone in our history. We have many celebrations planned but we will also want to help a significant number of young people into courses and employment and again you will start to hear about this very soon. The ‘+’ is very important because it means that we are planning for the initiatives that come into play for our anniversary year to continue into the future.

So whilst it is always at the forefront of my mind it has truly been a month when we have lived our message of an Active Livery Investing in Young People and long may it continue.

Now, it wouldn’t be a message from me without a couple of plugs from The Master. I have already mentioned the Automotive Dinner at Vintners Hall on 23rd March. It would be fabulous if we could fill every place. If we do, it will be the first time since the pandemic. There are still some places available, and it is perfectly all right if you want to bring friends.

Finally, tickets for the Banquet have gone on sale. There will be more about it in this Coachlines but whether you just want places, or a table just go online and buy the number of tickets you want. The Clerk’s office will ensure that you are appropriately located. You must have petrol-head friends who will be bowled over by the guest list at this celebration of 100 years of British Success at Le Mans. The other day, I heard it described as a major British sporting event that happens to be held in France.