Coachlines - September 2023

29.09.23 Junior Warden Mark Broadbent

Mark’s Mini adventure across Europe

Immediately following the Election Court and dinner on 1st September, Junior Warden Mark Broadbent and his wife Joanna set off on the Motorscape Rally, with friends Shane and Sasha Nelson to join in a rapid tour of Europe.

While crossing eight borders and many more towns, driving on unbelievably beautiful roads and encountering exciting mountain passes, they raised funds for the local CIP Project (Change is Possible) – and of course, having a jolly good holiday! CIP is a not for profit organisation based on the Blackdown Hills in Devon. The project delivers transformational workshops at its outdoor retreat centre. It also runs workshops in schools, colleges and prisons across the UK offering support to those in need during difficult times in their lives. So far, more than £1,700 has been raised for the project, the hopeful target being £2,000.

As for the rally itself, certain rules had to be adhered, such as the main car had to be a bit of a banger, not costing more than 1K, (or thereabouts), and certain places required pictures taken in fancy dress.

The theme of the team was the “Mini Adventurers”, after purchasing a mini for the trip, the second “support car” being Mark’s Jaguar XKR, as he has always wanted to drive these mountain roads in it!

Many adventures were had on the way, taking in some stunning scenery, fascinating museums and monuments. The cars behaved outstandingly well, on the whole, with the Mini limping the last 21-hour stretch on half power. Well, it had achieved 2,800 miles. Not bad for an old banger dressed up as a rally car. A recommended thing to do!

Those of you who might be interested in the mad trip may enjoy Mark’s slideshow, which can be found at this link.