01.02.21 Liveryman Christopher Broadbent-Combe

Liverymen lift the bonnet on Ivan Dutton’s workshop

In the latest instalment of the ‘60 minutes with’ series, Liverymen and guests were treated to a virtual tour of the world famous Ivan Dutton Bugatti Workshop.

We joined Liveryman Tim Dutton (Ivan’s son), and Liveryman and Master’s Consort Simon Diffey, who hosted the evening.

Surrounded by Bugattis from an early age, Tim has spent many years working on every type of Bugatti and is considered an expert in his own right. Tim appreciates all areas of Bugatti from the touring models through to the Grand Prix cars.

The event was well attended by Coachmakers and guests, and consisted of a five-minute introduction followed by a fantastic 25-minute virtual video tour brilliantly put together by Tim, where guests were shown the workshop, an array of beautiful classic cars, and an in depth look at some of the on-going projects currently being undertaken by Ivan Dutton Bugatti Ltd. Guests were fascinated to hear the background of how Ivan Dutton developed his interest in Bugatti and how Tim subsequently got involved and grew with them. The engineers among the guests were amazed and impressed that they can make any Bugatti spare part to the original specification, including the famous hollow front axles that Bugatti used.

The evening concluded with a question-and-answer session where Tim answered questions put to him by Simon and guests. This event was kindly put together by Liveryman Tim Dutton as the works visit was put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions. Liverymen and guests are looking forward to the actual works visit in Ickford, Aylesbury later in the year, when some degree of normality is resumed.

All proceeds from this event went to the Coachmakers’ Charitable Trust. Special thanks go to Tim Dutton for his time and putting together the video and Simon Diffey for hosting this fantastic ‘60 minutes with’.

To discover more about Dutton Bugatti’s amazing work and fantastic array of vehicles, please visit www.duttonbugatti.co.uk where you can find information on the history of Dutton Bugatti, as well as the workshops, restoration, car sales, and picture gallery.