Coachlines - October 2021

27.10.21 The Clerk

Livery Climate Action Group Launch

On Monday 18th October 2021, hosted by Sheriff Alison Gowman, the Livery Climate Action Group was launched to encourage collective action against climate change. The event showcased Livery Company activities in this area and introduced a new website which will be the primary resource of the activities, events and action in response to climate change.

Aligned with COP26 in Glasgow in November, the interactive virtual event was consciously held online, in support of carbon reduction through limiting travel. Led by Baroness Brown of Cambridge (Professor Dame Julia King) DBE, FREng, FRS, Vice Chair of the UK Climate Change Adaptation Committee, leading figures in sustainability and climate action spoke about how we can manage our impact on climate change and the environment by reducing carbon emissions and through responsible use of resources; and how Livery Companies can influence their associated professions, trades, schools etc in the City and beyond to do the same.

Should you wish to watch this significant event a recording can be found here:

Also, you can visit the new website of the Livery Climate Action Group for further information about its activities and how you can continue to be involved –

To summarise, in a recent blog, Sheriff Alison Gowman wrote the following:

Some of you will already have heard about this network of Livery members and Companies who are looking at how we can all reduce our carbon emissions in line with the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy. After nine months of concerted work, three seminars and lots of research and writing the Group launched its website and the invite to everyone to join. Over 200 joined our virtual event and since then many have signed up. Please see our new Livery Climate Action Group website and consider joining to find out more. There is no fee or qualification – just an aim to work together to reduce emissions and leave the planet in a better state for the future.

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