Coachlines - April 2021

15.04.21 Honorary Assistant John Blauth

Kingston University’s first Woman in STEM award winner outlines importance of challenging gender perceptions

Pictured above: Chère Reade-Edwards, has won Kingston University’s inaugural Women in STEM award

Chère Reade-Edwards at  the Coachmakers-sponsored Kingston University Saturday Engineering Club has been honoured and recognised by Kingston University, which has named her the inaugural winner of its Women in STEM award.

Of all the wonderful people working behind the scenes at the various establishments we support, Chère is in a class of her own. She is effective, strong, kind, extremely hard-working and because of that generosity of spirit, much loved by the students with whom she works.

Chère has an enduring soft spot for the Coachmakers and genuinely values the support we provide. We are delighted to record that we appreciate her in return, and send our congratulations on winning this award.

Details can be found at this link.