01.08.18 The Master Tony Edwards

Jailed and Bailed

On a glorious Friday morning, 25 Masters found themselves being arraigned in the Number Two Court of the Old Bailey.

The Sheriff presided over the Court and read out the various charges, which ranged from the sublime to even more sublime. Jeers and boos emanated from the spectators while the 25 Masters were arrested and balls and chains were fitted. Then they were transported, en masse, in a Routemaster to the Tower of London.

At the Tower, mugshots and finger prints taken. The ‘gruel’ consisted of a special form of bread and water in the Officers’ Mess, watched over by the kindly boss of Pol Roger.

At this point, I must thank all of those who generously sponsored the bail money. Suffice to say that the bail money from 25 errant Masters exceeded £38,000 for the British Red Cross.

Per Ardua Pol Roger!