Coachlines - February 2020

04.02.20 Sharon Pink

It’s now easier to update your membership profile

We recently asked everyone to update or reconfirm their details for the members’ Directory, and introduced some new information fields, including asking you to enter your date of birth.

We had a few queries about that! It isn’t just that some of you were being coy about divulging your age. We understand the concerns about online security and privacy around personal data and the storage and uses thereof, so, it’s important we explain why information about age is requested. Knowing the age of liverymen is helpful to enable us to organise events geographically, that will appeal to the variety of demographic we increasingly have within the Coachmakers.
Administratively, we can also identify when any age-appropriate reductions in subscription will apply to individual members.

To make things easier, we have changed the data field to only capture your year of birth so it’s not necessary to enter a day or month. This age information will not be shown on your public profile or in any printed directory; it is stored securely and confidentially and is used only for these planning purposes.

A number of members have also struggled to upload their picture onto the database for display online and in the printed Directory. The issue seems to be with the size of the image members are trying to upload. The database now has a size limit, so files less than 2Mb will easily load onto your profile.