Coachlines - July 2022

28.07.22 The Clerk

In memory: Liveryman Phillip Dean

Liveryman Phillip Dean, passed away recently and was laid to rest on 13th July. He had suffered ill health in 2021 but with treatment made a remarkable recovery. However in February, there were further complications which progressed episodically through the early part of this year and despite his energy and positivity he succumbed in late June.

He joined the Coachmakers’ Company in November of 2005 from a background working in the aerospace industry.

His father founded a company during WW2 to manufacture and distribute specialised aerospace fasteners. In those early days, it supported the war effort by supplying parts to flight refuelling and the Spitfire manufacturers Vickers, Rolls-Royce and Dowty Propellers, among many others. The company was also the sole supplier of fasteners to Martin Baker Ejection Seats and Phillip felt very privileged to be able to contribute to saving the lives of so many service personnel. During Phillip’s leadership of the company it became the largest in the world, supplying British fasteners to the international aerospace industry. In 2003 it joined with its closest competitor via a Danish company.

Phillip’s wife, Susan, predeceased him in 2014 but he continued to enjoy the camaraderie afforded by his membership of the Coachmakers’ Company and our thoughts are with his family and friends.