Coachlines - March 2023

29.03.23 Graham Bucknall and Jane Burton

In memory: Derek Bucknall

The Clerk has just received the following letter:

I am sorry to let you know that our father, Derek Bucknall, died peacefully at home on 15th March 2023. He was very proud of his connections with the Coachmakers, and valued hugely the friendships he made through your many events. 

My sister Jane and I have wonderful memories, and indeed fabulous photos, of a dinner at Mansion House when we were guests of The Lord Mayor Sir Christopher Collett .  Dad was very proud of his family, and he was also very proud to show off the wonderful comradeship of your Guild on a fabulous evening. 

He would like us to thank you for all the wonderful times that he enjoyed as a Coachmaker, and as a Freeman of London.

I write this on the eve of his Funeral and Service of Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for, and Dad would love that we would remember him for many things, not least for his proud position as a Coachmaker.

We will enjoy a Loving Cup tomorrow in his honour.

With best wishes to all Coachmakers

Graham Bucknall and Jane Burton

Son and Daughter of Coachmaker Derek Bucknall