Coachlines - July 2019

06.07.19 The Clerk

Impressions of the Coachmakers’ Banquet 2019

Following this year’s Banquet, the Master and Clerk received a significant number of letters from various guests who attended. Some of them were from Liverymen, some from Company guests and some from the personal guests of Liverymen. However, the common theme was extremely positive. This is just a small selection of the comments received:

“Well, well, well, what a triumph!”

“The sense of occasion and purpose was palpable and the Company in full cry”

“Please pass on my thanks to the Master, Wardens and the whole Company for such a memorable occasion”

“Those of us who had the privilege to join you in the Guildhall last night, will long remember the evening”.

“Alongside a superb night with great company, it was an absolute delight to see the newly refurbished Quicksilver mail coach”.

“Thank you for such a magnificent dinner; wonderful setting, good company, really enjoyable entertainment, exquisite coach and all-in-all a really memorable evening”.

“Good speeches and excellent entertainment”.

“Dame Kiri and the performers from her Foundation brought the evening to a close with a flourish”.

“The events of Wednesday evening were absolutely superb and probably the best Coachmaker function that I can remember for a very long time”.

“How did you get the Coach up onto the stage?”.