The Coachmaker

15.02.18 Ann Neilson

How your Directory is put together

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to producing the annual directory, now known as The Coachmaker.

It is a publication which takes many hands, considerably more hours and a great deal of concentration to write, edit, design and prepare for print and delivery.

As the Clerk will confirm, though, this is work that generates much positive publicity for the Livery in and around the City and elsewhere. As a work of reference for individual Liverymen it is a valuable source of information as well.

The process starts with the team going through the material recording the previous Coachmaker year and updating the information published in the previous year’s publication.

At the same time, we go through each individual Liveryman’s entry and, in those cases where we are aware of changes, update these. Mostly, though, we use the entry as it stands at the end of August so, if you find that your entry has the wrong details, is missing your pic, or you have a new address or email that you would like listed – make sure you amend your entry in good time!

If you complain to the Clerk when you have the printed copy in your hands, it’s not his fault…