Coachlines - February 2020

04.02.20 Liverymen Richard Pugh and Christopher Tate

Going to the Race Retro show?

Liverymen Richard Pugh and Christopher Tate invite you to join them at the Race Retro classic car show at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth on Friday 21st February.

They would enjoy meeting up with fellow Coachmakers, having a chat and a cheerful start to the new season of historic racing, classic car shows, auctions – just a general petrol-head conversation.

So, as we do at Goodwood, Coachmakers will meet at an easy-to-find spot in Hall 3, close to the VIP guest interview stage, by stand no. 212, the splendidly unlikely cheese stall “Passion du Fromage”, where Coachmakers can eat and talk.

Meet at midday, Friday only, and we will be in that area until 13.00 or so – Richard and Christopher look forward to seeing you there. Not got your ticket yet? Follow this link: