A young engineer at Kingston University

Coachlines - September 2023

29.09.23 Steward Neil Sheath

Coachmakers Aerospace Awards for the current year

The Coachmakers Aerospace Awards opened for applications on 1st September and are by open application via our website where there is more information https://www.coachmakers.co.uk/aerospace-awards/.

The awards are open to anyone who has the right to live and work in the UK who is under the age of 35, which includes the general public and Coachmakers including friends, family and colleagues.

There are three university scholarships available at undergraduate, Master’s, and at PhD level for students studying at the list of nominated London universities shown on our website and at Cranfield.

There are three engineering scholarships available for young aerospace engineers, including space based activities. These awards support young people beyond their early career, where other assistance is often not readily available, to help them gain licences and other qualifications including fabrication skills enhancing courses.

There is one award which allows the recipient to learn to fly on a vintage De Havilland Tiger Moth aircraft and help preserve the flying and engineering skills.

Please view our website and pass the information around as widely as you feel able to young people who we may benefit and who we may invest in.