31.07.18 Bob Wilson

Coachmaker duo win Glovers’ inter-livery golf croquet tournament

Steward Bob Wilson reports on The Glovers’ inter-livery croquet competition held on 16th June at Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick where there are 11 immaculate croquet lawns.

The competition, which has been held for the past few years, has gained in popularity with this year seeing a number of livery companies taking part including the Coachmakers, Cordwainers, Fruiterers, Girdlers, Glovers, Horners, Makers of Playing Cards and the Pattenmakers. The Coachmakers were represented by myself and my croquet partner Wendy Bennett. In all there were about 44 competitors.

The competition consisted of five doubles games with a time limit of 45 minutes per game.
Three games were played in the morning followed by an enjoyable lunch and the remaining two games in the afternoon. Only one couple won all five games which avoided a tie break and I am glad to say that Wendy and I were that couple and that we won the tournament for the Coachmakers!

For the first time this year the Glovers presented a cup to the winners and so the first inscription on the collar of the cup is “2018 Coachmakers”.

It would be good if more Coachmakers participated next year. Entries are welcomed regardless of experience and it is an enjoyable day out among fellow liverymen. If you would like to know more about croquet and helping to retain the Glovers Cup in 2019 please contact me at wilson.wishanger@talktalk.net.