Coachlines - January 2023

24.01.23 The Clerk

Coachlines Article of the Year 2022

Just before Christmas the relevant Committee met to review and consider all the stories, podcasts and videos which appeared in Coachlines during 2022. The judging panel was made-up of the Master, Immediate Past Master, the Clerk and the chair of the Communications Committee.

It was a difficult task and a closely fought contest as the quality and quantity of interesting and informative articles featured in Coachlines just keeps on growing. However, the unanimous decision was that the winner should be Freeman Chris Mann and the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium team for the series of podcasts which gave an insight into the workings of the Coachmakers’ Company across the year and also allowed for in-depth interviews with senior members of the industries with which the Company is affiliated.

The winner will be presented with the perpetual trophy of silver capstan inkwell and pen at the forthcoming Automotive Industry Dinner on 23rd March 2023 and the judging panel is looking forward to reading all the various contributions to Coachlines that will make up this year’s list of contenders.